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About Us !

Heritage Kanaani Farms (HKF) is a large-scale commercial farm located in Bunjako island (proudly known as Uganda’s coffee island), Buwama Sub-county, Mpigi district. The farm has coffee farming as its main enterprise, but is also strategically engaged in Cocoa farming, agroforestry, fish farming, beekeeping and cattle rearing.

Bunjako island the home of Heritage Kanaani Farm not only boasts of sandy beaches, verdant scenes, friendly people, gentle waters, nature trails, it also has a unique coffee farming culture/history and is Uganda’s coffee island producing some of the finest coffees the country has to offer. HKF also has beautiful breath-taking scenery and has a great agro-tourism potential.

Heritage Kanaani farms already has 300 acres of planted coffee and intends to plant up to 700 acres of coffee. HKF majorly grows Robusta coffee but also has arabica coffee and liberica coffee on demonstration plots for study/ research purposes.

The farm also has other agricultural enterprises which include 200 acres of eucalyptus trees, fish farming, cattle keeping, bee keeping and is strategically planting up to 200 acres of cocoa.

HKF is a youth centered farm and is run by a team of competent professionals who include managers, agronomists, an accounting team, data clerks, supervisors among others and employs over 300 casuals

Core Farm Activities



From the sprawling coffee fields, each tree a testament to our care, to the advanced methods we employ, every step is executed thoughtfully. Our sustainable practices nourish not just the coffee plants, but also the local ecosystem that envelops them.


Step into the realm of cocoa farming at our expansive estate, where a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation defines our approach to large-scale cultivation. Our commitment to unparalleled quality resonates through every facet of our cocoa journey.

Cattle Keeping

Heritage Kanaani farms has over 100 beef and dairy cattle, that provide milk sold locally to workers and the community, but also provide cattle manure used in crop fields.


At Heritage Kanaani Farms, we embrace a profound commitment to agroforestry that transcends time. Across 200 acres of our estate, we weave a tapestry of sustainability and growth through a harmonious blend of agriculture and forestry.

Commercial Nursery

HKF has a commercial nursery and produces over 100,000 seedlings among them include coffee, cocoa seedlings, eucalyptus trees shade tree seedlings among others.

Our Core Values