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Heritage Kanaani Farms (HKF) is a large-scale commercial farm located in Bunjako island (proudly known as Uganda’s coffee island), Buwama Sub-county, Mpigi district. The farm has coffee farming as its main enterprise, but is also strategically engaged in Cocoa farming, agroforestry, fish farming, beekeeping and cattle rearing.

We have over

Acres of Farm land

We produce over

Coffee, Cocoa, shade tree and eucalyptus tree seedlings annually 

Created Jobs for

Youth and communities

We have planted over

Coffee Trees

Heritage Kanaani farms Farming Enterprises

  1. Coffee production; HKF has 300 acres of planted Robusta coffee for commercial production but also has arabica coffee and liberica coffee demonstration plots for study/research purposes.
  2. Cocoa production;HKF has 24 acres of cocoa, planting is ongoing with a target of up to 200 acres of Cocoa.
  3. Commercial nursery; HKF has a commercial nursery producing over 100,000 seedlings annually, these include coffee seedlings, cocoa seedlings, eucalyptus tree seedlings, shade tree seedlings among others.
  4. Agroforestry;HKF has 200 acres of well managed eucalyptus trees.
  5. Annual crop production; large scale maize production and production of other annual crops like cassava, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green paper among others both for farm food security and sales.
  6. Animal production; Though crop production is HKF’s core business, the farm also has cattle, bee keeping and fish farming projects which support the crop projects.


Its our goal to create direct and indirect job opportunities for the youth and women in Uganda. We employ both professionals and casual labor and have created over 300 work opportunities with 80% of our workforce being youth.

Youth Workforce
Women workforce
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